Increase brand value with DOOH.
A new OAAA Nielsen study on digital OOH observed that this powerful medium drives high levels of audience engagement and consumer awareness, and often results in consumer action. This study observed travelers within top markets in the U.S. and their interaction with digital OOH formats including billboards, street furniture, and airports.
It was most notably reported that:
-Consumers who notice directions from DOOH are highly likely to visit a business and of those who visit within 30 minutes, over 90% will make a purchase
-Two-thirds of DOOH viewers are likely to take measurable action after seeing a digital billboard, including visiting the advertiser’s website, social media pages, or an in-person location
-DOOH prompts over half of consumers to take actions on their mobile devices
These studies confirm that DOOH is an incredibly powerful format in which advertisers can drive measurable actions with flexibility and immediacy. Brand value can be increased as advertisers have the option for more targeted and creative messaging based on triggers. You can read more about this study here:…


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