Legendary band, U2, is blessing its fans with a remastered version of its album ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’ to celebrate its 20th anniversary. To alert consumers of this re-release, Universal Music opted for an engaging campaign on JCDecaux’s New York City digital street furniture.
Each of the five creatives features select lyrics from different songs on the album and is headed by a simple icon which refers to the song title. At first glance, the campaign appears minimalistic, but is actually driven by weather triggers and day part functionalities. ‘Kite’ (kite icon) appears when it is  windy, ‘It’s A Beautiful Day’ (sun icon) is triggered by sunny weather, ‘New York’ (apple icon) appears when snowing, ‘Stuck In A Moment you Can’t Get Out Of (arrow icons) emerges when cloudy, rainy, or stormy, and ‘Walk On’ is displayed at nighttime from 6pm-5am.
Our digital street furniture allows for expanded creativity, as advertisers can utilize its flexible functionalities to develop a story. Street-level advertising is also advantageous for narrative-driven campaigns, as people are likely to pass the creatives more than once, allowing them to compile the pieces of the story being told.