Automotive leaders are touting new features in luxury and sustainability with JCDecaux outdoor advertising.

Advertising in Car-Centric Markets

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 90% of American households own at least one vehicle with the average length of ownership lasting about eight years before swapping for a new vehicle.

With millions of Americans in the market for a new car at any given time, the world’s top automakers are seeking to maintain market share across key cities through out-of-home media.

Cadillac, NYC Digital Bus Shelter

Automotive OOH Relevancy

Recent survey data from OAAA indicates that of the consumers who recently noticed an OOH ad including 52% in large cities, 43% took some type of action, 38% visited the dealer or brand website, and 38% conducted online research about the dealer or brand.

45% of survey respondents rated ads concerning new model releases as the most likely to spark engagement, while 37% said ads concerning fuel economy and 21% said those concerning interior features like new technology.

Audi, Boston Digital Street Furniture 

Roadside Digital Billboards for Contextual Advertising

In one of the nation’s most congested urban areas, automotive advertisers can engage a captive audience of on-the-go drivers and likely car buyers as they traverse Chicago’s dense network of high traffic expressways.  

A sharp decrease in CTA ridership starting in 2015 and a subsequent increase in traffic congestion indicates a sizeable portion of Chicagoans who are opting for personal vehicles over public transit- a valuable opportunity for auto advertisers.

Genesis, Chicago Billboard

Engagement at Eye-Level with Street Furniture

Comprehensive street furniture advertising panels the busiest commercial and residential neighborhoods of top U.S. cities including New York, Chicago, and Boston.

Automotive ads placed on strategically located bus shelters, newsstands, and city information panels offer unmatched access to urban residents, commuters, and visitors as they go about their daily activities.

Check out additional campaigns from leading car manufacturers here.

Genesis, NYC Digital Bus Shelter


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