Globally trusted software intelligence platform Dynatrace leveraged seven of our airport advertising networks around the world to amplify its message to a mass international audience.  

As part of its recent campaign facilitated by OneWorld- the JCDecaux Group’s multi-national sales and marketing division, Dynatrace solidified its brand image of fast, smart, and simple digital intelligence at several of the world’s busiest airports; Boston, Brussels, London Heathrow, Paris, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Sydney.

Boston Logan International Airport 

Dynatrace provides artificial intelligence and automation to a range of private and government enterprises, and therefore recognized our global airport out-of-home networks as the perfect medium for reaching top technology insiders and business decision makers.

London Heathrow Airport

An impressive 26% of travelers who flew through JCDecaux airports in February hold upper-level positions at their respective companies, with numbers expected to grow as 74% of employees are once again able to travel internationally for work according to a recent report.

This rebound of international travel provided Dynatrace with an ideal opportunity for reaching its target audience of industry leaders in both emerging and established technology markets.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Whereas traditional advertising formats must compete with other content for the attention of viewers, out-of-home takes advantage of consumers’ automatically heightened sense of awareness when on the move.

Additionally, Dynatrace was able to leverage multi-messaging thanks to generally long airport dwell times and strategic clusters of digital and static panels, effectively increasing overall campaign impact and brand recall.

Brussels Airport

Each of our airports contains a comprehensive OOH footprint that can reach moving and idling passengers within key corridors. It’s for this reason that brands like Dynatrace look to JCDecaux’s global airport portfolio of 154 airports in 38 countries when looking to drive meaningful engagement and make the most of their ad spend.   

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