JCDecaux’s airport advertising networks at Los Angeles International Airport are full of inspiration for travelers looking for in-flight entertainment from Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Paramount+, Walt Disney, and Warner Brothers.

No one knows better than streaming services that winter weather means it’s time to hibernate and hunker down with your favorite shows and movies. This season, JCDecaux Airports are a living TV guide, showing off the best of the binges from Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+, Walt Disney, and Warner Bros!

Watch while you charge! Travelers wanting to boost their battery and stay entertained while they wait need only look up for a little inspiration! Several streaming services, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Paramount+ and Netflix are leveraging JCDecaux’s digital charging stations in Los Angeles International Airport as a part of their ongoing advertising campaigns for new shows.

New streaming services aren’t limited to our digital charging stations! These advertisers and more are taking to our prestige digital networks, digital spectaculars, and bridge media bands to promote new shows.

Flights are the perfect time to catch up on shows and check out new movies. Reaching travelers as they navigate security, sit in waiting areas, and prepare to board is the ideal way to make sure your service is top of mind when consumers make up their minds about in-airport and in-flight entertainment.

In addition to highlighting newer additions The Witcher, Don’t Look Up, and True Story are on vibrant digital screens across LAX on our network of iVisions, Netflix is also taking advantage of JCDecaux’s digital networks to build up travelers’ watch lists with their long list of buzz worthy releases over the past year. From Squid Games to Selling Sunset, the streaming service is running a roster of popular shows this year on our Digital Brand Experience.


HBO Max is focusing their campaign on one new release- Peacemaker. Their latest campaign in promotion of the new show runs across JCDecaux’s vibrant digital screens on our network of iVisions and bridge media bands. These larger-than-life digital screens are located throughout the airport, sure to capture the attention of heavy passenger traffic streaming through into and out of Los Angeles.

Streaming services aren’t the only ones looking to gain viewers at the airport! In advance of the theatrical release of new Matrix sequel, Matrix Resurrections, the film production company has partnered with JCDecaux for a one-week only campaign across our digital spectaculars, bridge media bands, and charging stations at LAX. 

West Side Story

Walt Disney Studios has also graced our digital networks to promote new releases like West Side Story and King’s Man. The movie studio has worked with JCDecaux bookend the films’ theatrical releases with these short campaigns. For travelers in search of weekend inspiration, these targeted campaigns are sure to capture their attention and pique their interest.

Universal recently made a huge splash at the international airport with their showstopping domination for Sing 2! You can read more about the family friendly sequel here

With a plethora of campaigns from streaming services and movie studios, JCDecaux’s airport advertising networks at Los Angeles International Airport are full of inspiration for travelers looking for in-flight entertainment, a new show to fill their airport dwell time, or a movie to cozy up with when they get home.

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