This gum brand is appealing to consumers with a new approach in a campaign coordinated by Kinetic’s Sightline.

Top gum brand, Extra, is running a programmatic campaign on our Chicago Digital Network. As an everyday product, it found a unique and comical way to market itself within the context of the ongoing pandemic. Its new angle offers itself as a solution to ‘mask mouth’, something that high volumes of consumer might now experience, as wearing a mask is a requirement in most public places.
As a relatively new method of executing campaigns, programmatic offers brands the ability to have more control over their campaigns with speed and efficiency. Through the demand-side platform, Ubimo, buying is effortless with an automatic bidding system, and users have direct access to campaign metrics. This campaign was a location-based buy, with a strategy to drive consumers to buy the product at nearby Walmart locations.
With the combined benefits of programmatic and digital, a buy on our DOOH inventory was a given, especially for a major advertiser such as Mars. JCDecaux’s programmatic option has increased our opportunities with CPG clients, illustrated by Mars’ rare past of opting for traditional out-of-home campaigns.