Heineken is reaching Coachella attendees with their latest ads in Los Angeles International Airport.

JCDecaux airports are getting a taste of summer festival season with Heineken’s latest OOH campaign! The popular alcohol brand is targeting Coachella attendees with their digital advertising placements in Los Angeles International Airport.

As one of the largest music festivals in the world, Coachella 2022 features many of the biggest musical artists and will host around 750,000 attendees over 6 days. Heineken’s creative hits the nail on the head for LAX’s relationship to the popular music festival- the airport is “so close you can taste it” and is a popular travel option for music festival attendees flying in for the event.

Located in key pulse points throughout the busy airport hub on our prestige digital network, Heineken’s digital OOH placements ensure that they will be the top of mind drink for festival flyers.

Coachella is far from the only music event brands can target with JCDecaux Airport’s premiere advertising opportunities! Check out our new Young Consumers Mini-Brochure for a calendar of events across our 8 markets, including festivals like Lollapalooza, Rolling Loud, Boston Calling, and more!

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