Find your way back to nature with Nissan. 
Nissan is encouraging commuters and city dwellers to #returntorugged in its latest Innovate campaign with JCDecaux. Camping themed structures adorned our bus shelters in New York City, Chicago, and Boston, promoting the release of the 2022 Pathfinder model.
In all three markets, the seating within a few shelters was replaced with log benches, and in Chicago and Boston, these shelters featured a camping tent roof build-outs. These Innovate locations were also supplemented with normal postings around each city.
JCDecaux’s Innovate opportunities are an incredibly powerful way to make a brand stand out, especially within a highly saturated advertising category such as automobiles. They reach target audiences and spur up interest among many others, potentially generating new customers. In the hustle and bustle of our busy market streets, Nissan reminded people that refuge and recreation lie waiting for them in nature, just a Pathfinder ride away.

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