Give the gift of luxury this holiday season! JCDecaux Airport has partnered with a wide array of luxury advertisers across our airport advertising networks for the season of giving.

Prestigious jewelry, watch, skincare, perfume, and fashion brands are taking advantage of JCDecaux’s premium airport advertising in Los Angeles and Miami international airports. These campaigns, running on our vibrant digital screens and larger than life placements are destined to capture the attention of holiday shoppers.

Airport advertising is ideal for luxury brands for more reasons than one. For last minute and duty-free shoppers, these brand interactions can act as point-of-purchase triggers in the in-airport retail environment. The environment also aligns with the high-class perceptions that these brands represent. According to JCDecaux Airport’s 2021 Perceived Value Study, the airport environment offers the ultimate brand impact, transferring the highest perceived value and prestige to advertisers compared to other channels.

LVMH is taking advantage of the prestigious airport environment to advertise several of their high-end brands during the holiday season. Bulgari, Christian Dior, Loewe, Moet Hennessey, and Tiffany are all leveraging valuable placements across Los Angeles and Miami international airports.

Bulgari is shining across our large backlit banners and prestige digital network throughout LAX and MIA. Loewe is also making an impression on travelers with their Miami campaign; the luxury fashion company stands out as passengers exit customs with a larger-than-life wall wrap.

Moet Hennessy is taking to both static and digital in these two airports to stay top of mind with holiday travelers. Their campaign spans a large format banner in MIA and stands out with a campaign on the iconic LAX concourse portals.

Christian Dior and Hublot are making the most of our digital landmarks in LAX, running on our showstopping clocktower. Located amidst duty-free, these memorable campaigns are sure to stay top of mind for holiday shoppers. Tiffany is also making a splash on the clocktower as a part of their campaign across LAX showcasing their partnership with Jay-Z and Beyonce.

 Luxury skincare brand Clarins is running on our showstopping portals in Los Angeles International Airport as well as the Bon Voyage wall and prestige digital network in Miami International Airport.

Interperfums has also partnered with JCDecaux Airport to run a campaign on our digital advertising panels at MIA. Their fragance campaign runs on Digital Spectaculars throughout the busy South Florida airport, capturing 63% of the entire airport's traffic as they navigate through and wait around the concourse.

 L’Oreal is also taking to the airports in time for the influx of holiday travelers to advertise their perfumes. The well-known beauty brand is using vibrant digital spectaculars located in maximum dwell times areas in MIA as well as twin screens by security in LAX to advertise perfumes from Prada, Mugler, Ralph Lauren, Lancôme, and YSL.

 Versace runs a campaign across both MIA and LAX, taking advantage of the full airport coverage our prestige digital networks provide in the international airports. Their vibrant fragrance campaign is also front and center for travelers exiting customs at LAX.

Dolce & Gabbana is running a dual static and digital campaign as well. With static hanging banners and digital creatives running on our iVisions, their fragrance campaign captures the attention of travelers across the airport. Their visually appealing campaign also makes an impact in baggage claim, where extended wait times create extended brand exposure.

 Prestige watchmaker Richard Mille has taken over the unmissable Welcome Wall in LAX. This massive digital display makes an outsized impact welcoming passengers into Los Angeles. 

  Bell & Ross is another high-end watch company recognizing the power of JCDecaux’s advertising networks at LAX. Their campaign reaches travelers on our network of bridge media bands, capturing travelers walking and on the people movers in the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Our LAX storyboard, another of our iconic digital landmarks, features luxury goods company Hermès. Their campaign captivates duty free shoppers in the international airport with a video displayed across seven split large-format screens.

 The holiday season is one of the busiest periods for air travel across the world. With domestic travel already peaking and the return of international travel to the U.S., advertisers can expect the airport space to be busier than they’ve seen since the beginning of the pandemic. According to TSA passenger counts, travel over the week of Thanksgiving was the nearest we have seen to 2019 weekly numbers, reaching 88% of traffic over the same time frame two years prior.

With JCDecaux prestigious airport advertising offerings, there’s no better way for luxury brands to capture the attention of consumers during the holiday season.