This upcoming Sunday, February the 16th, the nation will have all eyes on Chicago for the 2020 NBA All-Star’s game. The legendary game is in a different city each year, and in 2020, Chicago is both the host for the game and for its thousands of spectators. An entire weekend is booked for special events surrounding the main feature.
As the 3rd largest city in the U.S., this already densely populated city is expecting a significant influx of visitors and residents. CDN and digital CIPs are both a great choice for advertisers aiming to reach the most people throughout this weekend. Thousands of guests will be taking major expressways from the airports into the city in addition to residents from surrounding suburbs driving into the city to experience this rare event. The city streets will be flooded with people who are traveling from venue to venue and those who are also trying to experience the city while there. Featured ads are garnering the utmost exposure with this unbeatable weekend bringing unmatched crowds to Chicago.

While some brands are promoting themselves as partners of the NBA game, such as AT&T, other ads are for relevant events that are simply spreading awareness of their upcoming occurrence, such as the American Express Roadshow and the actual game itself. Rapper, Polo G. set himself apart, adding a personal touch to his billboard message by welcoming incoming visitors to his home-town city.