To promote the HSBC Mastercard, HSBC featured different types of creative for each type of dynamic activation/trigger. The creatives caught New Yorker’s attention with relevant information relating to weather, sporting events, holidays, and temperature. The 15 different versions of the ‘Tap & Go’ creatives allowed HSBC to have something relevant running at all times and showed passersby the convenience of paying with ‘tap and go’ of their Mastercard.

Mastercard can replace the subway pass on the 4, 5, and 6 trains with just a tap at the turnstiles. The travel time to different locations such as Grand Central and Union Square were advertised on shelters on Lexington Ave to keep commuters informed. Demonstrating to commuters that they can get there faster with tap and go of an HSBC Mastercard.

With this dynamic campaign, HSBC successfully promoted the on the go features of their Mastercard as well as notify people with real time information.


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