To promote its partnership with Google Home, 24Kitchen, Dutch cooking television program, ran an eye-catching and interactive campaign on a JCDecaux bus shelter during the Libelle Summer Week in Amsterdam.  

The call to action was a message printed on the vinyl wrap of the shelter that prompted attendees to ask, "Hey Google, what do we eat today?" After making a choice between meat, fish, vegetarian or vegan options, a 24Kitchen recipe was printed on the spot and dispensed to passers-by who took part in the activation.

The voice activation technology used for this campaign replicates the new feature of the 24Kitchen app available on Google Home. Users will be able to get help in the kitchen just by saying, "Hey Google, talk to 24Kitchen,” and this will lead directly to the 24Kitchen speech assistant.

With this interactive campaign, 24Kitchen successfully created excitement around the release of its new feature as well as deciding what to make for dinner that much easier.