Twitter users embraced their dark sense of humor to vent about 2020.

The year 2020 embodied fear, chaos, and hardship among the entire global population as the pandemic completely changed life as we know it. There was a universal sigh of relief as we rolled over into 2021, but not before the Twitter crowd jumped at the opportunity to throw clever jabs at the past year.
To date, there have been more than 6 million tweets about 2020, and the best of them were showcased on our New York digital street furniture, bidding good riddance to the grim year. Iconic musical artist, Dionne Warwick, led the pack with her viral Tweet, demonstrating that people from all walks of life faced struggles.
Out-of-home was the ideal advertising channel for this campaign, as its wide reach matched the relatability of the creatives. Every passerby could be uplifted by the sense of community the ads reflected, even if just for a split second.
The social platform has provided a sense of human connectedness during a time in which social distancing was protocol. It is no mystery why the social media category grew during the pandemic and was one of OOH’s biggest categories of the year.

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