Street furniture is working to the advantage of employers during the world's economic recovery.
As the global threat of COVID is declining, the world’s economy is gradually recovering. Business’ rising demand for employees is currently reflected in several of our New York street furniture campaigns.
Global payroll solutions company, Deel, is running on our digital newsstands, appealing to businesses who are looking to hire internationally. Only in Manhattan, these ads are directly reaching top companies who have a worldwide presence. New York City’s Housing Authority is running a local ad on our digital bus shelters for its Jobs Plus division, which aids New Yorkers in their job search and offers supplementary services. World Flight Services posted job opportunities on our digital shelters at the nearby JFK and Newark airports, utilizing proximity advertising to reach fit candidates.
New York City is a melting pot of people who are all united by the same need of retaining a job. These ads can make a looming job search approachable to passersby or might even appeal to someone who is not actively seeking new work. These creatives feature websites, phone numbers, addresses, emails, and QR codes so interested individuals can easily follow-up.

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