Amazon Music and Hennessy are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by partnering with Hispanic Artists.

Hispanic Heritage Month which runs through October 15, is an important time to recognize how Hispanic culture has influenced and contributed to The United States.

Brands have showcased various campaigns to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, whose spotlight shines on Hispanic artists, including Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Maluma, Kali Uchis, and ChocQuibTown.

Amazon Music's campaign featured on our Chicago Digital Network, calls attention to Hispanic artists' success. The vibrant billboards on the Chicago expressway are hard for daily commuters to miss. Amazon music used this platform to promote different playlists, artists, and even J Balvin's documentary, "The Boy From Medellin."

Hennessy's campaign featuring well-known Columbian artist Maluma runs on our N.Y.C. digital street furniture network throughout Manhattan. In this campaign, Hennessy prompts viewers to join them in a toast to Maluma on his Best Latin Pop Album nomination for 11:11. By doing so, Hennessy can promote their product and possibly attract more Hispanic individuals to their brand through this partnership.

Although by-passers may not realize that it is Hispanic Heritage Month, these brands hope that seeing these campaigns may attract new interest in Hispanic artists, further growing appreciation for the Hispanic community within our society.


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