Alcohol is once again top-of-mind for party throwers and party goers this holiday season, and JCDecaux out-of-home is helping top brands stand out and drive sales.  

From a glass of champaign to whisky straight, seasonal drinks remain a cornerstone of American holiday celebrations.

Somrus, Chicago Digital Billboard

Beyond being a hosting must-have, alcohol is one of the most common gifts among party attendees; 56% of consumers surveyed in Drizly’s latest trend report said they are most likely to gift alcohol for a holiday.

Glenmorangie, NYC Digital Newsstand

The alcohol delivery platform also indicated a tendency among older consumers to splurge on premium alcohol during holiday get-togethers, with 58% of Millennial, 58% of Boomers, and 59% of Gen X respondents saying they would opt for top-shelf.  

Gran Centenario, Chicago Static Bus Shelter

Most consumers indicated confidence in their boozy gift, as 75% said they are not concerned that their giftee wouldn’t enjoy their selection.

Hendrick's, NYC Digital Bus Shelter

JCDecaux’s comprehensive advertising networks in New York, Chicago, and Boston offer access to a broad 21+ audience with perfect opportunities for creative multi-messaging.  

Powers, Boston Static Bus Shelter

For both emerging new brands and well-established labels, out-of-home continues to be a trusted means of engaging consumers with festive messages that can drive sales at nearby points of purchase.  

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