Companies which offer payment services have adjusted their contactless pay marketing in response to COVID-19. Visa, Apple Pay, and PayPal are running campaigns within this category across JCDecaux’s digital and static street furniture in New York City, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco.
The contactless pay capability is now being advertised to consumers as a safe alternative to conventional forms of payment, as it eliminates contact with public payment surfaces. This approach is advantageous for big brands, as it frames their disposition towards consumers as empathetic during a challenging time. Such an attitude builds brand trust within audiences, benefitting brands in both the present and future. PayPal approached the matter from a business standpoint, suggesting that this safety measure will also benefit companies by attracting customers.
Street furniture within our four major markets is dispersed throughout city hubs, allowing advertisers to reach consumers at the point of purchase. These campaigns serve as friendly reminders to passersby of the benefits of this service directly before they enter stores to shop. Our street-level advertising also reaches many city dwellers who most likely have increased concerns around COVID safety. Contactless pay reduces health risks for these individuals by reducing direct contact with surfaces and reducing time in congested environments.