JCDecaux’s airport advertising packages offer the ultimate brand impact, transferring the highest perceived value and prestige to advertisers compared to other advertising channels.

Airport advertising has long been known to transfer an increased perception of prestige and value to any brand in the airport environment. JCDecaux proved this with their 2014 Perceived Value Study, which tested and verified this hypothesis. Surveyed consumers saw brands advertising in airports as higher status compared to other media and were willing to pay a higher premium for the advertised products.

In the wake of the pandemic, much changed about air travel and the airport environment- but not the perception of increased value. For our 2021 Perceived Value study, JCDecaux Airport partnered with Researchbods to test how the choice of an advertising medium can influence consumer perception of a brand.

For this study, advertising campaigns for fictitious B2B and fragrance brands were designed and represented on various media outlets such as airports, print, mobile and more. 5,000 nationally representative individuals were shown 1 environment and required to answer questions regarding product price and quality perception.

This study showed that the respondents viewed B2B brands as more prestigious when viewed in airport and fragrance ads in airports garnered the highest price perception against other media types. These trends persist amongst respondents who flew in the midst of the pandemic and increased favorably for B2B brand value compared between airports and other media.

The airport environment continues to transfer a perceived value onto brands and products, making them seem more prestigious and of greater value. Even travelers who experienced the airport during a turbulent period still see the environment as a location that they associate with prestige and luxury.