Further global expansion for the unique program providing start-ups with a voice in the real world to scale and grow

JCDecaux Nurture, the program designed to help start-ups scale up by giving them a voice in the real world, building brand awareness and brand trust through Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, has launched in the US, bringing the program to a third continent alongside Europe and Australia.

According to Statista, the US is a thriving environment for start-ups, and is home to many household names which quite recently held start-up status, including Instagram and Airbnb. North American companies are amongst the highest-valued unicorns (companies with a value of one billion US dollars or more) in the world.

Nurture ensures that US start-up businesses can make the most of this environment of great opportunity. Nurture makes it easy for start-ups to take advantage of OOH’s benefits, ensuring their OOH media spend is optimised to work as hard as it can to reach and influence the greatest possible number of potential consumers.

Through the Nurture program, start-ups access mentoring, insight, marketing support and investment matching, creating accountable, efficient, proven effective Out-of-Home campaigns.

The Nurture program was first launched in the UK in 2016, and is also available in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Australia.

We are excited to bring Nurture to the US market, allowing JCDecaux to provide cost-efficient and effective OOH media, for start-ups with limited brand equity. Our goal is to curate plans that will allow these advertisers to generate awareness and grow share in a very competitive marketplace. We’re truly looking forward to this launch and supporting these businesses along the way. Faith Garbolino Chief Commercial Officer, JCDecaux USA
It is testament to JCDecaux’s global commitment to supporting the start-up ecosystem that the Nurture programme has now landed on a third continent, and is available for start-ups in the United States. As proven by the programme’s success in six very different geographies already, Nurture is uniquely able to ensure OOH media’s benefits are truly accessible to start-ups by providing full support to ensure they can understand and make the most of those benefits. I’m looking forward to seeing how the programme develops in this vibrant new marketplace. Mark Bucknell Chief Commercial Officer, JCDecaux UK

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