Brands are going beyond the runway to reach consumers on our NYC inventory amid NYFW 2022.  

Attracting more than 200,000 attendees, New York Fashion Week stands as one of the world’s most coveted events for industry insiders and style-conscious consumers at large. With an influx in influencers and social media presence revolving around the event, brands only have so much time to leave a lasting impression on the city streets.

In preparation, over twenty fashion brands and multiple beauty and jewelry brands elevated their collections on our can’t-miss ad faces, from iconic fashion houses to household names. 

With street furniture along iconic fashion hub Fifth Avenue and near highly anticipated NYFW shows, our inventory stepped up its street style to reach fashionistas and set the tone for upcoming fashion trends. 

Campaigns not only ran in preparation for the event like Fendi’s, whose NYFW debut show was on day one of fashion week (and the brand’s very first NYFW), but also during and after the event as well.

Once again, fashion brands have turned to our urban OOH network during NYFW to reach target consumers and showcase upcoming trends in the ultimate mecca of fashion. 

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