Vogue partnered with JCDecaux airport to promote the latest issue of their magazine which features Serena Williams.

Conde Nast leveraged our digital OOH inventory in LAX to get people excited for the latest issue of their iconic fashion magazine Vogue. Running throughout the end of August and early September, the campaign could be seen towering high on our Digital Spectaculars at key points in LAX’s Terminal 5.

This campaign’s strategy is sure to sell passengers on the September issue!  With retail locations throughout the airport stocked with reading materials, this campaign is leveraging point-of-purchase placements to send passengers off to pick up a copy.

As well as being placed in a strategic fashion, these ads are also displayed at an exciting time when the interest is sky-high for the high-profile US Open. Furthermore, the creative takes advantage of the biggest news at the moment – the retirement of a tennis legend.

Using a household name such as Serena Williams makes for an excellent creative. Williams has been making headlines recently as she has announced that this will be her last US Open, spiking a special interest in the tournament. The star said that she is “evolving away from tennis, toward other things that are important to me”.

Conde Nast is one of several brands to leverage the increased exposure that JCDecaux airport provides for print media. The ability to reach on-the-go consumers near points of purchase makes airport OOH a solid choice for this category’s marketing mix.

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