The Perfect Heartwarming Gift

Brands have been leveraging the use of OOH to promote themselves as the perfect gift for that special someone. Using fun and colorful creatives and captivating copy on street-level digital screens, companies like popular card game What Do You Meme and leading intimates Victoria's Secret can spark interest and drive consideration among potential buyers in search of the perfect gift.

Victoria's Secret outdoor advertising on JCDecaux digital bus shelter in NYC
Victoria's Secret NYC Digital Bus Shelter

Utilizing Valentine's Day Excitement

Holidays like Valentine’s Day are ideal opportunities to generate brand hype and memorability with contextual messaging; a 2019 study from JCDecaux and Posterscope found that contextually relevant campaigns achieve 17% more effective audience response on average.

What Do You Meme outdoor advertising on JCDecaux Digital Billboard in NYC
What Do You Meme, NYC Digital Bus Shelter

ABC’s The Bachelor utilized this love-focused holiday to highlight its dating reality show. This long-running show can take advantage of Valentine’s Day romance with rosy, contextual creatives that can boost memorability.

The Bachelor on ABC Outdoor Advertising on JCDecaux Digital Billboard in Chicago
The Bachelor, Chicago Digital Billboard

Industries like legal, which don’t evoke feelings of love, can implement romantic themes to promote themselves. This can greatly appeal to those who are and who are not celebrating with about 30% of those not celebrating Valentine’s Day still marking the occasion according to the same NRF survey.

Finn Partners Outdoor Advertising on JCDecaux Digital CIP in Boston
Finn Partners, Boston CIP

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