Netflix is promoting Sony Picture’s new movie, Vivo, in a market where the film’s setting takes place. Showcasing at Miami International Airport, Netflix has chosen to team up with JCDecaux to promote the film on a mixture of iconic static and digital assets throughout the entire airport.
With the movie based in Miami, Netflix was especially looking into this major market to promote the long-anticipated release. MIA had over 3.8MM travelers in July and saw their domestic passengers increase from 2019 levels by 21%. Advertising for the majority of August, the streaming company was able to reach their target demographic during the busy summer travel season, families with young children. As travelers were heading down for their summer vacations, MIA and airport OOH advertising were the perfect fit.
Running on terminal-wide people movers and full-motion digital screens, Netflix dominates one of the top airports in the country and has the space to be creative with their advertising, drawing in travelers from all over. JCDecaux’s airport space allows for out-of-the-box ideas and full creative freedom. With a wide array of vibrant prestige digital screens, digital spectaculars, static spectaculars, wall wraps, experiential activation spaces and more, advertisers can bring creative marketing projects to life.

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