A variety of brands displayed their support for the LGBTQ+ community for the month of Pride.
Advertisers ran campaigns throughout the Pride month of June on our New York digital street furniture. Featured brands include Skyy Vodka, Reddit, TomBoyX, and Republic Records. The creatives are marked by rainbow color schemes and icons of the community, including American drag queen, Symone.
Meaningful intent drove the market choice for these campaigns as the city is renowned for its flourishing LGBTQ+ community and its abundance of allies. Brands became part of the city’s landscape during a month of national celebration, demonstrating their support for individuals who continue to face many hardships to this day. When integrating social matters into campaigns, advertisers remain respectful while building both brand trust and awareness.
Utilizing OOH for significant events creates a channel through which brands can naturally connect with consumers. Digital assets also simplify campaign planning with adjustable campaign durations.

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