La Mer launches a targeted Lunar New Year advertising campaign in LAX’s Terminal B, aiming directly at Chinese travelers known for their high duty-free spending.

Strategic Timing and Location 

La Mer’s latest airport OOH campaign taps into increased Chinese travel during the Lunar New Year celebration, the country’s largest annual travel event, with daily trips out of China expected to reach 1.8 million, triple that of last year.

Los Angeles International Airport stands out as a leading international hub, distinguished by its 17 weekly flights to and from China – the highest number offered by any U.S. airport. This enviable frequency uniquely positions La Mer to captivate the Chinese audience, who are recognized by research firm Euromonitor as the foremost duty-free spenders globally.

La Mer Portals at LAX
La Mer, LAX Terminal B

Priming through large format inventory 

Terminal B, the airport’s largest and busiest terminal, renowned for its luxury ambiance and high-end retail offerings, serves as an ideal location for La Mer’s campaign. By harnessing the power of JCDecaux’s signature portal displays, prominently situated within the terminal’s dual main concourses, La Mer unveils visually striking creatives adorned with Lunar New Year motifs. These displays, featuring contextually apt Mandarin messages, are designed not just to catch the eye of every passerby but to resonate directly with the brands target demographic.

La Mer Interactive Exhibit at LAX
La Mer, LAX Terminal B

Driving Sales through an Exhibit

Central to the campaign is an interactive exhibit showcasing La Mer’s most popular products and special Lunar New Year themed gift boxes. This approach ensures customer engagement and aids in driving new sales, with a study by HubSpot finding that 91% of shoppers are more inclined to purchase products after engaging with a brand activation.

Positioned near the entrance of the terminal’s main duty-free area, the exhibit is prominently visible to duty-free browsers already interested in shopping. Asian consumers are known to be particularly receptive to activations, with 81% of Chinese duty-free shoppers stating their inclination to interact with sales staff (M1ndset).

La Mer Sampling at LAX
La Mer, LAX Terminal B

 Targeted Airport Advertising 

La Mer’s campaign at LAX exemplifies the capabilities of hyper-targeted airport advertising. By syncing their initiative with strategic timing and placements, they underscore how brands can optimize visibility and influence among key demographics, thereby enhancing the impact and effectiveness of their advertising endeavors.

LA Mer Sample Stand at LAX
La Mer, LAX Terminal B