Top luxury advertisers continue their trust in JCDecaux Out of Home to meet ongoing consumer demand and drive in-store purchases.

U.S. Shoppers Continue to Spend on Luxury Goods

Even in the face of economic uncertainty, younger consumers including both Gen Z and Millennials continue to spend on luxury goods according to Bloomberg.

Loewe outdoor advertising on JCDecaux Digital Fifth Avenue Bus Shelter in NYC
Loewe, NYC Fifth Avenue Digital Bus Shelter

Luxury demand among U.S. adults at large is expected to grow exponentially over the next decade with a forecasted $19 billion or nearly 30% increase in sales by 2028.

Outdoor as a High Value Marketing Tool

Along boutique shopping corridors and within bustling malls, JCDecaux OOH allows advertisers to reach and engage high spend consumers at eye level beside or in direct proximity to luxury storefronts.

Chanel outdoor advertising on JCDecaux Digital Panel at The Mall at Short Hills in New JerseyChanel
Chanel, The Mall at Short Hills Digital Panel

According to OAAA, nearly half of U.S. consumers (42%) say OOH ads impact in-store purchase decisions.

Additional survey results indicate 47% of respondents including 61% of those in large cities recently recall seeing luxury apparel OOH ads. Of the 86% of respondents who saw a luxury apparel OOH ad and engaged, 49% visited the luxury brand’s website and 31% followed the luxury brand on social media.

Cartier outdoor advertising on JCDecaux Digital CIP in Chicago
Cartier, Chicago Digital CIP

Celebrities Influence Purchase Decisions

It’s not just vanity- the inclusion of high-profile individuals in advertising has quantifiable impact on marketing strategies; 32% of U.S. consumers including 37% Gen Z, 42% urban residents, and 46% high-income individuals say the appearance of influencers or celebrities in OOH ads increases their likelihood to purchase.

Bulgari outdoor advertising on JCDecaux Digital Panel at The Mall at Short Hills in New Jersey
Bulgari, The Mall at Short Hills Digital Panel

In-Store Shopping Holds Strong, Especially with Gen Z

A 2023 report from ICSC indicates that Gen Z shoppers prefer in-person retail experiences as much as if not more than online shopping; 97% of Gen Z survey respondents say they shop brick-and-mortar and 95% say they shop online.