There are luxury fashion brands as far as the eye can see on our New York Digital Network.
Top luxury brands are flooding the streets of NYC with a substantial presence on JCDecaux’s New York Digital bus shelters and newsstands. Head-turning advertisers include Gucci, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Kate Spade, and GSTQ.
These fashion campaigns are increasingly appearing in tandem with new spring releases and the rebound of retail in New York City.
As the city continues to gradually reopen with less restrictions, people are returning to in-person shopping in the retail hotspot of the U.S. found that during the week of March 29th, retail visits in the New York DMA had almost returned to pre-pandemic levels, only 2% down from the same month in 2019.
Our inventory is in near proximity of many retail stores, some of which are even on the iconic 5th Avenue, allowing campaigns to acutely influence purchasing decisions.
The atmosphere of glitz and glamour which New York City exudes makes this the ideal market for campaigns of this caliber, and the sleek look of our digital inventory provides the perfect framework for these high-end campaigns.