Shoppers are back in malls and advertisers are meeting them there!
JCDecaux’s mallscape advertising is back in full force, demonstrated by the growing presence of various categories in our malls. Current campaigns genres include film, jewelry, cosmetics, and medical.
Mall advertisers are opting for prime digital locations in some of our most popular malls, including Oakbrook Center in Chicago and Short Hills in proximity to NYC. Shoppers are met with ads for new movie, In the Heights, Chanel’s Coco Rouge lipstick, Pandora jewelry, and Rush University’s COVID safety creatives.
As life is nearly back to normal across the U.S., crowds have increased at malls as people return to enjoy an irreplaceable experience. Brands are reaching consumers at an exciting time during which they are ready to spend. Malls present a timely opportunity for advertisers, as they can reach consumers at the point of purchase, directly influencing their buying decisions.
Our boutique portfolio of upscale malls features a variety of service options from retail and restaurants, to entertainment and fitness. This wide range of offerings attracts a multitude of different customers, enabling advertisers to maximize their reach. We also offer widespread location options including some of the largest malls in the country’s top DMA’s, allowing advertisers to opt for areas which best fit their campaign.

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