Following the launch of M&M’s campaign on JCDecaux’s Drive-to-Store network that targets passengers at strategic touchpoints through their shopping journey with screens located before and at point of sales, the popular confectionary brand was able to achieve high advertising recall and brand recognition amongst their target audience at Dubai International, as demonstrated by a study conducted by Nielsen.

In July 2019, M&M's advertised on over 200 digital screens located across all concourses of Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, with a tactical campaign incentivizing passengers to buy their products before they fly.
Surveying 884 departing passengers aged between 18 to 60 during the full month of July, the Nielsen study demonstrated that M&M’s campaign influenced travelers and positively drove them to action, while achieving high ad recall and brand association in an extremely competitive market.

M&M’s ads performed strongly on three key metrics: Noticeability, Brand Reinforcement, and Activation, thereby demonstrating the effectiveness of the campaign, leveraging on creative artworks catching passengers’ attention.



Airports provide a large potential market of chocolate buyers

  • 48% Travelers buy chocolates at least occasionally from Duty Free at any airport


M&M’s advertising campaign achieved high ad recall and made a strong impression amongst passengers at DXB

  • M&M’s ads generated 12% Top of Mind spontaneous advertising recall, the highest amongst all brands advertising at the Airport
  • M&M’s ads prompted high recognition with passengers, 41% of interviewees agreed to having seen at least one of the two campaign visuals at the Airport
  • Recognition was particularly high amongst those who bought chocolates on this trip (59%)


M&M’s Campaign created a positive drive to action amongst passengers at DXB

  • Passengers who could recall the M&M's advertising were 48% more likely to buy M&M's on that trip
  • 48% of M&M’s buyers had seen the adverts before purchasing
  • 51% said the adverts encouraged them to visit Dubai Duty Free to purchase the brand
  • 65% said the adverts are a good reminder of the M&M’s brand


M&M’s Campaign awareness has a positive impact on category purchasing

  • Purchasing of chocolates is 89% higher amongst M&M’s Ad Aware Travelers at DXB


Mars Group was quite pleased with the results and we will definitely try to leverage on this study to convince more confectionary brands of the relevance of airport media as we know airports provide a large potential market of chocolate buyers.

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