Politics and Halloween surprisingly mix well.
Late-night talk show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, is running a politically charged campaign with a seasonal twist on our New York digital network. Each creative plays off a different horror movie, complete with political puns relevant to both the films and current political climate in the U.S.
These Halloween-themed ads act with the dual purpose of promoting the show and encouraging the audience to vote in the upcoming election. Seasonally pertinent campaigns are powerful as they engage the consumer by provoking an emotional response.
Street furniture is a strong medium for these attention-grabbing creatives, as their eye-level placement gives passersby the time to absorb the underlying messages. Our inventory is also located in congested areas, repeatedly reaching consumers with the critical push to vote.
As people have been spending more time at home throughout the pandemic, entertainment viewership has skyrocketed. OOH is a powerful channel through which entertainment platforms can get ahead of their competitors, by reminding the masses of their unique media.

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