Chicago has recently entered phase 3 of its recovery plan, reopening numerous businesses and services across the city with safety protocols in place. Office-based jobs are among the most significant sector of life which has resumed, leading hundreds of thousands of people back to the workplace each weekday.
As our country continues to be affected by a pandemic, much of the workforce feels most comfortable commuting to work by personal vehicle; the safest mode of transportation. Cumulus Media is capitalizing on the uptick of morning commuters on Chicago’s expressways, advertising its numerous morning shows on various local radio stations across our Chicago digital billboards.
Throughout the stay-at-home order, listenership most likely decreased in result of people working from home. The placement of these ads on digital billboards aims to reach consumers during their resumed commute, reminding them of their favorite morning shows which are right at their fingertips. One creative urges drivers to ‘Celebrate Goodness Everywhere’, promoting positivity in the wake of recent events.