As domestic travel makes its comeback in the United States, consumers are getting cabin fever and are looking to get away. With great demand for mountain ski destinations, Reno Tahoe is a top choice on everyone’s bucket list this winter!
This past holiday weekend brought a spike in passenger counts across the nation. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration recorded the highest traveler numbers since the Christmas Holiday, with counts exceeding 900,000 daily travelers for 5 consecutive days. Reno Tahoe Tourism benefited from this influx of traffic by advertising on larger-than-life static and full-motion digital banners around Los Angeles International Airport.
By advertising at one of the busiest airports in the world, Reno Tahoe Tourism successfully reaches their target audience as well as nearby residents. Placed on a mixture of digital and static massive banners throughout LAX, this campaign gives Reno Tahoe increased exposure and an ambassadorial presence.