Nespresso, the first advertiser to benefit from JCDecaux/S4M’s drive-to-store offer.
JCDecaux and S4M are providing advertisers with an innovative new offer, combining outdoor and mobile advertising to meet the growing demand for media investment performance and optimisation. Industry leader, Nespresso is the first brand to take advantage of this new offer to drive its in-store traffic. 

In its first nationwide campaign in France during winter 2019, Nespresso combined the strength of JCDecaux's national urban presence with the increased mobile capabilities provided by S4M, with: 

An assessment of the extra traffic created by the mobile + OOH campaigns in selected Nespresso** boutiques
Geo-localised ads on people’s mobile phones receiving the OOH campaign
A widescale campaign delivering extensive national coverage
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Clément Noël, Nespresso Global Media & Performance Marketing Manager, said: “We have joined forces with JCDecaux and S4M, leveraging all their expertise to boost our in-store traffic. The first test was a real success, with a 14% increase in footfall. This reflects the successful online/offline combination of mobile and OOH advertising. Harnessing the collaborative abilities of S4M, JCDecaux and our media agency teams, we now expect to extend this project across all of the countries where we are present.”

JCDecaux and S4M provide advertisers with the ability to take advantage of their unique offerings, particularly when boosting OOH performance with a multi-channel approach. Advertisers can also increase their targeting of audiences and measure real-time performance of the two media, both separately and in combination.

Nespresso’s results are consistent with a study conducted by Nielsen in 2019 (OOH advertising study), which found that: 
  • OOH has the highest activation rate of all offline media;
  • 66% of consumers use their smartphone after being exposed to OOH advertising and 40% search for brands online;
  • 88% of consumers who look for a store on their smartphone visit within
    24 hours.

The synergies between OOH and mobile are shown to enhance brand performance metrics – specifically driving people into store – with measurement by JCDecaux and S4M providing real evidence of effectiveness and efficiency.   

Isabelle Schlumberger,Executive Director of Business Development, Sales and Marketing for JCDecaux France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Israel, commented: “Nespresso’s campaign shows the effective combined use of our media with mobile, as well as its impact on in-store traffic.JCDecaux is first to effectively measure the performance of the combined OOH/DOOH and mobile impact, thanks to our partnership with S4M, which represents a key milestone for advertisers and the effectiveness of their urban campaigns. Outdoor advertising and mobile are the key media in the public space. Such a combination not only strengthens engagement, but it is also a real growth driver for brands.”


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