OOH is boosting awareness of local tourist attractions, heightening the success of their comebacks.
As society is quickly returning to normal in nearly every facet, consumers need time to readjust. Over the year of quarantine, a major missing part of life was public recreation. The latest Harris Poll reveals that OOH is effective in amplifying awareness surrounding these businesses among locals and tourists, as they are reemerging after an extended hiatus.
Many local attractions have recently advertised with JCDecaux such as Hornblower’s Boston Cruise Line, Chicago’s Shoreline Architecture, and the immersive Van Gogh Exhibit in New York. Our street furniture networks are a timely choice for these big city advertisers, as there has been a significant increase in those who notice OOH ads since the beginning of the pandemic. The medium is proven as powerful for businesses regaining traction, illustrated through the finding that 69% of adults are more aware of public events through OOH ads. Our substantial city markets also provide an unmatched advantage with the platform, as it was reported that 60% of adults living in urban areas with a population of 1 Million+ went online to look up information about advertisers after being exposed to an OOH ad.
These findings compliment the already suited nature of OOH to the local tourism industry. Our inventory reaches those who already venture outside of their homes on a regular basis, providing straightforward recreational suggestions during a hectic transitional period. Extensive coverage around each of our markets also allows advertisers to choose locations near attractions, to give passersby the extra push they need to visit.

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