Oncology brands are reaching ASCO attendees with campaigns running throughout the streets of Chicago on JCDecaux’s inventory.  

Advertisers targeting attendees of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, or ASCO, took over our Chicago out-of-home network ahead of and during the organization’s annual meeting. Over 30,000 physicians and health professionals in attendance makes the ASCO convention the largest congress of Clinical Oncology in the world.

With Chicago flooded with industry-experts eager to learn more about the latest innovations in cancer research, our inventory provided an ideal opportunity to achieve meaningful engagement among target consumers. 

Top advertisers leveraged our street furniture across the Windy City to meet eventgoers throughout their stay, from downtown hotels to the convention’s venue- the McCormick Center.

With the inclusion of scannable QR codes, pedestrians were prompted to take immediate action that fell in line with Fotivda’s and MJH L Sciences’ campaign objective. Meanwhile, Merck encouraged visits to their booth as part of their campaign which featured an innovative and exceptionally eye-catching bus shelter wrap adjacent to the venue.

In and around downtown, The Chicago School of Medicine met conference attendees throughout their stay in the city, with inspiring ASCO creatives that put a face to their prestigious institution.

The annual ASCO conference provides ideal opportunities for consumer engagement and brand amplification. Fortunately, our street furniture networks cover key neighborhoods across the city, allowing industry advertisers to reach their target audiences where they are most aware of their surroundings.

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