According to the latest findings from The Harris Poll and OAAA, hesitations surrounding travel are at their lowest levels since the start of the pandemic. 72% of consumers surveyed say they plan on traveling for vacation during the first half of the new year, and 51% of those traveling say they plan to fly – 35% more than the number who flew during this past summer, and more than double the number who flew during the 2020 holiday season.

Top advertisers in the travel and tourism industries have recognized this growing consumer optimism and are meeting the rise in demand head-on with eye-catching campaigns on our premier OOH inventory that showcase unique destinations both domestic and abroad.

As cold temperatures engulf the northern US, those eager for a getaway understandably have their sights set on sunshine and warm air. The Arizona Office of Tourism has been reaching these consumers with stunning ads on our Chicago digital CIPs and San Francisco kiosks as well as several of our airport digital networks.
With breath-taking creatives that showcase the Grand Canyon State’s natural beauty, this campaign is offering city dwellers and on-the-move travelers some powerful inspiration for an off-the-beaten-path escape.
According to Trip Advisor, Paris was the fastest-growing destination for American travelers from the fall to the winter, and Air France is taking this opportunity to remind New York City residents and commuters of their daily flights to Paris. To stand out among the bustling streets of Manhattan, our premier digital bus shelters and newsstands were outfitted in sophisticated and chic creatives that accurately represent the company’s brand image.
The Qatar National Tourism Council is similarly leveraging the unique capabilities of our street furniture inventory in Boston to target experienced travelers hungry for a unique destination for their winter getaway. The sleek and alluring creatives of this campaign are working to draw up buzz for this small Arabian nation ahead of its 2022 World Cup hosting by showcasing the cultural juxtaposition of old and new that Qatar and its surrounding region have become recognized for.
It’s common for even seasoned jet setters to overlook far-north destinations with warmer temperatures being only a plane ride away. However, Discover Canada and Montréal Tourism are reclaiming the term ‘winter getaway’ with their most recent campaigns on our OOH inventory.

Running on our high-profile New York digital newsstands as well as our Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston airport networks, Destination Canada is celebrating their snowy heritage with charming visuals of the nation’s most iconic winter hotspots.
Montréal Tourism is taking a similar approach with their programmatic campaign on our Boston digital CIP units and New York digital shelters. These creatives effectively target consumers looking for a destination closer to home by highlighting the city’s European energy and convenient proximity to both Boston and New York.  And with programmatic campaign planning, Montréal Tourism is able to maximize reach and ROI by targeting high-traffic areas throughout the day.