To capitalize on the season of spending, holiday campaigns have started to flood throughout our inventory. According to OAAA’s 2021 Holiday Travel & Shopping Consumer Intent statistics, out of the US adults who plan to do holiday shopping, 58% will start to shop earlier than in past years and 40% will spend more than last year.

ith the holiday season comes holiday fashion, ranked as what individuals spend the most on during the season. J. Crew and Ralph Lauren emulated their classic brand images with simple and attractive holiday creatives on our inventory this year. J.Crew’s campaign can be found throughout the downtown streets of New York City and Ralph Lauren’s campaign among New York City and Chicago shopping hubs to maximize exposure to shoppers in the area.
Coach brought the seasons sparkle with their glamorous campaign featuring Rickey Thompson and Quen Blackwell. The ads placed specifically on shopping hub, 5th avenue, also featured a call to action to visit their nearby New York City location.
Technology is the second top category product that individuals spend the most on during the holiday season. Facebook’s Oculus advertised their “Quest 2” on our NYC digital shelters utilizing our slow-motion feature to showcase the virtual reality headset.
According to The Harris Poll from April 2021, younger Americans look to OOH for most public events. During the time when the Nutcrack stands in the spotlight, The Boston Ballet strategically took advantage of our Boston digital CIP's distributed throughout the central downtown area to increase exposure and maximize ticket sales.
Another holiday staple, the ornament, is being featured on our inventory this season and is sure to impress. Out of the US population who plan to shop this year, 55% will spend over $500, and 25% will spend over $1,000. Luxury brands like Swarovski are taking advantage of our NYC digital shelters specifically located on 5th avenue and downtown area to drive sales to their nearby stores. Their illuminating campaign features creatives of their luxury jewelry as well as their exquisite holiday ornaments.
Another flawless holiday execution was completed by Amex who made use of targeting specific geographic locations to relate to their desired target audiences. Through creating relatable creatives and using our inventory located in traffic-heavy downtown Chicago and NYC locations, the brand can create buzz, drive sales, and boost their brand image.
However, for brands that do not have store front locations, like Shipt, OOH is critical for holiday sales and physical brand presence. To advertise how to get your gifts this season, Shipt strategically used our larger-than-life Chicago digital network as a call-to-action for users during the shopping season.
In all, with 79% of US adults planning to travel during the months when shopping demands are at their peak, our inventory is sure to inspire gift giving and receive maximum exposure. Whether you decide to treat others or yourself, make sure to keep an eye out for new upcoming holiday campaigns on our inventory.