Brands make a oversized impact across our networks of airport exteriors.

Some of the most impactful airport advertising isn’t always in the airport- but the outside! Our larger-than-life Exteriors across our airport properties provide an excellent platform for brands to make a massive impact.

Miami International Airport is looking star-studded, with campaigns from Duars Entertainment and Louis Vuitton featuring actor Bradley Cooper and singer Rauw Alejandro respectively. These ambassadorial placements greet 100% of the airport’s travelers as they arrive.

Alejandro’s makes a big impact on the oversized airport parking garage- and continues to accompany passengers on their journey. Paired static column wraps inside MIA provide more information about the artist’s new album! JCDecaux’s advertising networks, including our exterior placements, offer advertisers flexibility to create unique campaigns. Brands can take over a single exterior, leverage our airport wide exterior networks, or even advertise across several networks in and out of the airport.

The exteriors at LAX also feature a recognizable figure! The overhead static placement features Puss in Boots, one of the well-known characters from the Shrek movies, promoting the franchise’s upcoming Christmas Day release.  These traditional billboard-esque placements are a sure bet for ensuring an advertisers’ strong ROI. According to a Nielsen Airport Insights Study, 80% of frequent flyers notice airport advertising, 66% read it, and 42% take action as a result.

Like other advertisers, Choctaw Casino’s creatives can be found inside and outside Dallas Fort Worth International Airport! The brand dominates on extraordinary 40’ tall exterior placements to reach 100% of arrivals and departures and greets passengers again on two impressive static banners inside near the shopping and dining areas.

Exteriors also make a great choice for brand outside of entertainment and luxury goods- technology company GitHub has taken over the 70’ wide skybridge at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

2022 has been a good year for these placements, and we’re excited to see what’s to come on our 70+ exteriors in 2023!

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