Mazda is transporting urban consumers to the great outdoors this Spring as they promote their new Mazda CX-50 on our New York Digital Network of street furniture advertising faces.

As temperatures rise and urbanites begin spending more of their time outdoors, top advertisers like Mazda are seeing increased opportunities to reach consumers where they are most aware of their surroundings- outside the home.

Thought-provoking literary messages and calming natural landscapes displayed on our digital bus shelter panels around Manhattan are helping Mazda to drive awareness of the CX-50 crossover SUV ahead of Earth Day.

The latest consumer report from OAAA and The Harris poll found that of the 43% of consumers that recently engaged with an automotive OOH ad, 38% visited the advertiser’s website or conducted further research online, 30% shared information about the ad by word of mouth, and 23% visited the dealer or brand showroom.

The addition of a QR code within the ad space further encourages immediate consumer action in line with the campaign’s objective. Once the code is scanned with a phone, viewers are transported into an intimate and immersive experience where they can further discover the vehicle's intricate details.

The same OAAA/The Harris Poll report found that 52% of consumers in cities of 1M+ population have recently noticed an OOH automotive ad and that ads about new model releases are the most likely to achieve engagement, proving that Mazda’s latest campaign in New York holds especially high value among potential customers.

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