Sportswear giant PUMA is leveraging the unique benefits of our signature Innovate OOH campaigns to promote the launch of their new sneaker, the MB.01. designed in collaboration with NBA Rookie of the Year LaMelo Ball.  
As the name suggests, JCDecaux’s high-impact Innovate campaigns provide top advertisers across industries with an original, entertaining, and above-all memorable means of interacting with their target consumers.
In a city with its own extensive collection of native sports icons, PUMA knew that it must elevate its message to new heights in order to effectively engage its target New York consumers. The addition of wrapped ceiling panels and augmented reality (AR) visuals on our premier digital frames offers these urban residents a stand-out experience during their daily commute.

This outstanding creative concept was facilitated by media and creative partners Nowadays, Talon America and Grand Visual, and Havas Media Group. 

As part of this one-of-a-kind Innovate campaign, a short clip of LaMelo performing tricks with a basketball is superimposed onto a live street view which is streamed from a camera installed on the outside face of the bus shelter unit. After this, the new sneaker model is presented alongside the PUMA logo and directional information to the PUMA flagship store and select Foot Locker locations.   
Out-of-Home is an ideal format for this campaign as the most recent report from The Harris Poll and OAAA found that 63% of consumers surveyed rated retail OOH ads as the most relevant compared to other categories.

Because this campaign is running on thoughtfully selected bus shelter units near retail outlets where the MB.01. is sold, the directional information within the creative acts as an effective call-to-action that can drive in-store sales in addition to general brand awareness.
In fact, a 2019 study from Nielsen on OOH ad impact found that of the 39% of consumers who noticed directional OOH ads, 20% immediately visited the business being advertised and 74% of those who visited made a physical purchase.

Overall, this campaign exemplifies OOH’s unmatched capabilities for encouraging meaningful consumer interaction via a sharable, unmissable, and unskippable advertising platform. It is for this reason why PUMA and other top names in the apparel industry trust OOH to achieve their marketing objectives in a way that guarantees maximum creative impact and ROI.


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