JCDecaux demonstrates its support for contemporary photography, collaborating with Public Art Fund to bring two exhibitions each year to a network of bus shelters all across New York.
Across New York’s five boroughs, JCDecaux bus shelters are displaying photographs from Farah Al Qasimi’s series Back and Forth Disco. The images on 100 bus shelter panels distributed throughout more than 18 neighborhoods highlight the beauty, individuality, and aesthetic choices in moments that would otherwise go unnoticed in the bustle of New York City life. The exhibition began on January 29th and is on extended view until June 14th.
Bus shelter displaying a photograph of a woman in leopard print.

Over the course of a month in fall 2019, Al Qasimi photographed small businesses and local communities in NYC, highlighting brilliant colors, rich textures, and complex compositions that draw the eyes of passers-by. The placement of these images on groups of neighboring bus shelters simulates a walking gallery experience for pedestrians on the streets of the very city they highlight.
Bus shelter displaying a photograph of a woman on the phone.

Back And Forth Disco is the second citywide exhibition from JCDecaux’s partnership with Public Art Fund. This collaboration was established in August 2019 with the inaugural exhibit from sun to sun by Elle Pérez.
Bus shelter displaying a black and white photo of bikes.

By providing a framework for public art on its bus shelters, JCDecaux makes art that would traditionally be confined to a gallery or a museum more accessible to New Yorkers. Bringing art to the transit experience of city dwellers is one way that JCDecaux supports its local communities and brightens up a daily commute. 

This collaboration brings two solo shows each year to the network of NYC bus shelters.  JCDecaux began its relationship with Public Art Fund by participating in the 40th anniversary exhibit across various venues of New York Ai Weiwei’s Good Fences Make Good Neighbors. New Yorkers should look for new art exhibits on their local bus shelters later this year.

Hear from the artist herself and find a bus shelter where you can see Back And Forth Disco on Public Art Fund’s website. You can also read the below story to see how JCDecaux has showed support for other contemporary artists throughout our U.S. markets.

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