A recent study from the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and Comscore explores OOH’s power in driving consumer engagement as compared to other advertising formats.

As part of their online activation report, OAAA found that while out-of-home is on par with other media in terms of eliciting action from consumers who’ve been exposed to the ads, it is a far more effective medium relative to its cost.

  • OOH accounts for only 4.1% or $7.35 billion of the total $179 billion spent on all media, however it accounted for 22% of search engine action- an index of 5.3 times the expected rate given its relative spend. 
  • Within the past six months, 41% of US adults used a search engine to look up information after being exposed to an out of home ad, while 33% searched the advertiser on social media, 30% searched for videos about the advertiser, and 28% visited the advertiser’s website.  

There are several factors contributing to OOH’s growing effectiveness and value, including privacy concerns, more people being outside their homes, and a general dissatisfaction with online advertising.

An earlier consumer insights and intent report from OAAA and the Harris Poll found that 68% of consumers frequently skip online ads due to digital device burnout, while 43% are actively trying to spend less time on their phone, computer, or TV. 

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