Dynamic targeting is easier than ever with airport programmatic!

The airport retail space post-security is ripe with opportunities for travelers to stock up on snacks and hydrate with their favorite beverages while they wait for their flights. Starbucks’ latest campaign utilized JCDecaux’s programmatic advertising capabilities to cut through the crowd!

In partnership with JCDecaux and Vistar Media, Starbucks ran a targeted digital OOH campaign across Los Angeles and Boston’s international airport. Their programmatic placements took advantage of pulse points in the airport with typically long dwell times to drive app downloads and sales near points of purchase.

With the help of JCDecaux’s hard-to-miss digital ad faces and full airport coverage, this campaign from Starbucks targeted placements near their retail location. This proximity targeting and easy QR code prompt helped the coffee chain increase airport sales by reducing barriers to purchase.

Starbucks’ campaign is a great example of the increased flexibility and targeting possibilities programmatic provides! Read more about JCDecaux’s offerings on our programmatic page.

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