Kanye and Drake leveraged our CDN medium to promote their music.
Our Chicago Digital Network played a part in multiple pop culture moments within the past two weeks. Two iconic musicians of our time, Kanye West and Drake, harnessed the major-impact element of our digital billboards in short notice campaigns.
On behalf of Kanye West, Coors Light utilized the platform to build buzz around his last-minute listening experience of his long-awaited album, Donda. As a Chicago native, he deliberately held the major event in his hometown and dominated its skyline with intriguing messaging to match the mystery surrounding the album. Drake promoted the imminent release of his album, Certified Lover Boy, on our CDN by hinting at featured collaborators by their nicknames. This campaign appeared on our billboards just a day before the album dropped, creating a pinnacle of buzz with the acute timing.
JCDecaux’s digital turn-key abilities allowed these advertisers to maximize on the many benefits of our digital billboards at a moment’s notice. Because these events were hot topics of the pop culture world, the advertisers’ use of our OOH cements the timelessness and versatility of our medium.