With the holiday season just around the corner, drive-to-store advertisements are steering crowds toward pop-up experiences and shops this month. Both locals and tourists are eager to participate in festive activities and shopping for gifts is at the top of their December checklist. Ads for nearby pop-ups can be spotted on our New York Digital shelters, showcasing the Target Wonderland experience and The Beatles pop-up shop.
This strategy has proven itself to be extremely effective in lifting visit rates to advertised businesses, as demonstrated in several of our recent campaigns, including Nespresso, First Aid Beauty, and Dunkin’. Throughout the duration of their ads, all three companies saw notable increases in their visit rate to designated locations. Nespresso had a 10% visit rate lift, First Aid Beauty, a 13% lift, and Dunkin’ Donuts had an astounding visit rate lift of 41%.
Successful results of this advertising strategy are evident, making this a go-to approach for businesses aiming to increase foot traffic to their nearby locations.