InvestPR has partnered with JCDecaux Airport to target “Game Changers:” on-the-move remote workers also known as “Digital Nomads” on our BOS advertising networks.
An astounding 15.5million U.S. workers self-identify as digital nomads- a number that dramatically increased as the pandemic changed how Americans live and work. Freed from the confines of the office, these workers are taking their jobs on the go and choosing to live and work from remote destinations. InvestPR is partnering with JCDecaux to promote Puerto Rico as an appealing destination for these "Game Changers."
Aiming to elevate Puerto Rico to a world class business destination, InvestPR is taking to our advertising networks in Boston Logan International Airport to target this growing demographic. Creatives that hype up the territory’s modern 5G infrastructure, bilingual workforce, and attractive tax incentives run on JCDecaux’s network of stunning digital spectaculars in BOS. As the home to headquarters for 16 Fortune 500 companies and the #2 technology market in the U.S., Boston’s international airport is the ideal place to target remote-work friendly white-collar workers.
JCDecaux’s prestige digital and static networks across major US travel hubs continue to get brands in front of important audiences; according to Neustar U.S. mobile traffic data from August, Boston Logan International Airports indexes highly for Young Professionals (205), C-Suite Employees (156), Tech enthusiasts (155), and Millennial Business Elites (126).
Partnering with JCDecaux Airport is the ideal way for brands to target business decision makers and the growing number of Americans with flexible work situations.

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