Active recovery footwear brand, Oofos, targeted the Boston Marathon with a digital campaign at BOS.

Oofos is getting an edge on the competition with their campaign at Boston Logan International Airport!

The Boston Marathon, one of the world’s best-known sporting events and the most widely viewed in New England, attracts approximately 30,000 runners and 500,000 spectators each year. In 2019, the race welcomed over 7,600 runners from 118 countries around the world. As the city’s key transit hub, advertisements at Boston Logan International Airport this past weekend were sure to capture the attention of the many participants and race attendees flying in and out of Boston for the event.

Oofos, an active recovery footwear brand, is running across our networks of digital advertising screens and on a static banner in BOS to do just that. With prominent placements on our network of Digital Spectaculars across the airport targeted to the weekend of the marathon, the brand’s campaign will be seen by a significant population within the brand’s ideal target audience. This savvy advertising buy is sure to increase brand awareness and market share.

To further extend the impact of this campaign, Oofos has leveraged JCDecaux’s programmatic offerings to place more creatives throughout the airport! This is the perfect example of programmatic’s benefits- with the increased digital flexibility and smart targeting, the athletic shoe brand was able to use our platform to its fullest effect.

As the number one gateway to the Boston market, JCDecaux’s BOS advertising offers brands the exclusive opportunity to be the first and last thing participants and spectators see on their trip to the event.

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