Advertisers within the real estate industry are maintaining high visibility in key U.S. markets with the help of JCDecaux’s out-of-home networks.

Urban growth and an increased demand for housing have led to strong competition between both local and national real estate firms, developers, and the growing number of industry resources for buyers and renters.  

San Francisco - Static Kiosk

According to a report from IBISWorld, the U.S. real estate industry is continuing its expansion with an estimated 3.4% increase over the past year. Currently, the market size of this industry is measured at $202.6 billion in revenue.  

The National Association of Realtors, or NAR, found that 55% of buyers say finding the right property is the most difficult step of the home buying process, meanwhile 52% of buyers are finding their new homes online.

This market reality indicates a need for real estate advertisers to leave a lasting impression on consumers before they begin their housing search. This is where out-of-home comes into play.

International Plaza (Tampa-St. Petersburg DMA) - Static Panel

Our advertising inventory provides both agencies and online industry platforms with the ability to target specific socio-economic demographics in key neighborhoods and near on-the-market properties.

Combined with viewers’ already increased sense of awareness when outside their homes, this strategic brand presence effectively maximizes impact and message recall in the most competitive housing markets.

NYC - Digital Newsstand

For both buyers and sellers, the real estate industry can be seen as an intimating space with exaggerated promises from an overwhelming sea of competing resources. Fortunately, the achievement of consumer trust is one of out-of-home’s most lucrative assets.

The inherent public nature of our panels enhances an ad’s perceived sense of honesty in the eyes of viewers, allowing a brand to have its message thoughtfully interpreted as it was intended.

Chicago - Digital Billboard

It’s for these reasons why real estate advertisers continue to trust our networks of urban street furniture, large-format billboards, and MallScape panels in their missions to drive meaningful engagement among consumers in search of their perfect apartment or dream home.

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