In collaboration with JCDecaux, Römerquelle launched an exciting experiential campaign in the Platz der Menschenrechte, Vienna. Römerquelle’s parent company – the Coca-Cola group – has invested significantly in their sustainability efforts in recent years, which is particularly highlighted through Römerquelle’s 100% recycled packaging. The campaign promoted Römerquelle’s sustainable bottles, created from PlantBottle™ material.
The brand offered two different ways in which participants could win samples of the Römerquelle water:
  1. A recycling initiative where brand ambassadors, dressed in ancient Roman costumes, urged passers-by to recycle their water bottles in a designated location. Subsequently, they received a 4-digit code, rewarding participants with a free bottle of Römerquelle water. 
  2. An interactive motion sensored game, where participants moved left to right to fill up the bottle on the screen. Players were rewarded with extra points if they avoided unwanted objects, such as dead fish. If players reached a minimum of 250 points, a 4-digit code would appear, allowing them to win a sample of Römerquelle water.
    More than 4000 bottles were recycled over 4 days, indicating the huge success of the campaign, whilst simultaneously aligning with the Coca-Cola group’s sustainability commitments.