JCDecaux’s street furniture and airport inventory offers Marriott Bonvoy and their brand partners an effective medium for achieving brand awareness and encouraging consumer action.

As is the case with most products nowadays, hotel rooms can be booked with the click of a mouse or a tap on a phone – and it’s for this reason that standing out with a unique message among a sea of competitors is crucial in maintaining a competitive edge in the increasingly competitive hospitality industry.
Marriott is the latest hotel brand to leverage JCDecaux’s out-of-home inventory and did so with a diverse, captivating, and thought-provoking campaign that reminds consumers of travel’s unparalleled opportunities for connection, discovery, and rejuvenation.

Even in the age of new media, traditional OOH continues to offer brands the unique capability to strategically place ads in front of their on-the-go target demographics in a format that cannot be skipped or closed out. As Marriott Bonvoy takes advantage of high traffic and equally high dwell-times with our Digital Spectacular units in LAX and DFW airports, the same attributes are leveraged in New York with our digital shelter and newsstand structures – the latter of which is the largest eye-level digital format on the streets of New York City. 

The eye-catching motion creatives of this campaign emulate the multi-dimensional, engaging, and non-linear format of Pinterest’s signature “boards.” As content scrolls in and out of the frame, viewers are taken on a visual journey that achieves consumer awareness of Marriott’s Bonvoy loyalty program, their brand’s values, and their diverse portfolio of hotel locations around the globe.

The addition of QR or Quick Release codes took this campaign to the next level by encouraging consumer interaction and providing real-time performance data. These scannable codes offer a quick and easy path for action in line with their campaign’s objective. By scanning the codes with a smartphone, users are taken to a fun quiz that will determine an ideal travel destination based on their answers. At the end, users can click a link to be redirected to Pinterest where they can see more travel-related content.  

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